23Jan, 2015

How Home Health Aides Help in Diabetes Care

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┬áHome health aides can be one of the main resources for daily care and treatment of diabetes for patients who need outside help. The personal assistance provided by home heath care workers can mean the difference between patients staying in their own homes or having to move to assisted living. Special Needs of Diabetes Patients Diabetes patients need to monitor their blood sugar levels daily. It is essential that they maintain a healthy diet and get enough exercise to stay healthy. If they are living alone, this can be hard […]

17Jan, 2015

Caring of Alzheimer Patients Living In Home

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Alzheimer’s Disease affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. It is important that people understand how to take care of Alzheimer patients when they are living in the home. The reason for this is because many times people that are in the early stages of the disease may not want to leave their home for professional care. They may not need to have much help other than having reminders posted around the home. Loved ones may not wish to allow their family member to spend their last days in a crowded […]

2Jan, 2015

The Real Impact of Hip Fractures

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The real impact of a hip fractures and its impact upon the elderly and the healthcare system are becoming more and more pronounced as research continues to emerge on the subject. The most telling revelation from the research is that fall prevention is absolutely critical, and education 0n fall prevention need to be imparted as early as possible. Fall Prevention is Absolutely Critical In Preventing Hip Fractures The incidence of falling and suffering from a fractured hip, seems common, and a frequent event for the aging. The commonality of the […]