16Mar, 2017

Find Out the Importance of Personal Hygiene for Aging Seniors

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There are a great many tasks that may become challenging as those you love age. Included in these tasks are the very basic and very important set of tasks involved in maintaining personal hygiene.  Unfortunately, losing the ability to keep up with one’s own grooming can lead to a variety of problems. Obviously, body odor can become an issue, and while your loved one may not even notice, it can present uncomfortable situations for family and friends. Those older adults who do understand the consequences of their inabilities may experience embarrassment […]

9Mar, 2017

Explore The 4 Things You Should Know About Planning for End of Life Care

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As the child of an aging parent, it’s important to understand what to expect and what to do. Aging is simply a part of life, and with old age come different challenges. Can your loved one remain in their home? Are they losing mobility? What about potential cognitive problems? Sometimes, simply requiring more care will need a lot of consideration. That’s why it’s important to begin planning end of life care early. Here are 4 things you should know about it. 1. Keep Open Lines of Communication It’s very important for either you, your partner, or […]

6Mar, 2017

Events for Seniors in Illinois: Get Healthy by Reaching Beyond the Cosmos

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Let’s face it. Fast-paced, kickboxing classes and bustling gyms aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Some of us prefer the slow and steady route to good health. If you’re looking for the latter, we’d suggest visiting the Adler Planetarium. The staff is offering events and activities for seniors in Illinois and one of them involves slow-paced, group exercise. Reaching Beyond the Cosmos Called Sun Salutations, it’s taking place on select weekends throughout 2017. The first class of the New Year is presently scheduled for March 4th. They’ve been going on since 2016 […]

2Mar, 2017

Learn Ways to Help Seniors Maintain a Healthy Diet

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All too often, elderly people will fall into poor eating habits. This can be caused by a number of things, but some of the most common causes of unhealthy eating habits include depression and boredom. As the family member of a senior with a poor diet, you may find yourself feeling afraid for a your loved one’s health. This feeling may become even more overwhelming if the older adult has become overweight, or if they have other health problems such as diabetes. In these cases, you might be led to […]