24May, 2017

Motivating Seniors on how to Maintain a Healthy Diet

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When it comes to health and longevity, diet is one of the biggest determining factors. Yes, genetics play a role, but the food you consume has a direct impact on your health, the risk of disease, energy levels and even mental health and well-being. Eating enough of the right foods can improve cognition, stave off depression, lower blood glucose levels and blood pressure, reduce the risks of heart attack and help maintain a healthy diet and weight. It’s not always easy, though. For seniors living alone, the prospect of cooking […]

24May, 2017

Understanding How to Prevent And Diagnose UTI Infections in Seniors

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As we age, it becomes increasingly important to take care of our bodies. If you are close to an elderly person, you need to understand how to take care of them. With increasing age, our bodies may not be and reliable as they once were, and one example is going to the bathroom. As people grow older, their pelvic muscles can weaken, which causes them to become less able to control their urges to go to the bathroom. This can lead to problems like a UTI or even something more serious. So it’s vital to […]

17May, 2017

Explore ways improve Seniors Mental Health and Well Being starting today

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Senior health care isn’t just about medical treatments and medications. While people are living longer than ever before, and modern medicine has come a long way when it comes to treating illness and disease, it’s important to know that the most effective ways to improve the quality of life for seniors has nothing to do with medicine. Mental Health Affects Physical Health For seniors, mental health problems are real, and common. Depression and anxiety can set in even when there has been no previous history. There are some common catalysts […]

10May, 2017

When do I Consider Live-in Care for my Loved One?

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Are you part of the “Sandwich Generation”? Are you caring for your own children, but finding yourself needing to care for aging parents as well? With 46 million Americans over the age of 65, this is a common occurrence for many. The Administration on Aging projects that number will more than double by the year 2060, meaning more and more families will need to find a way to care for their aging loved ones. As the current generation of “Baby Boomers” grows older, many want to “Age in Place”. A 2011 survey […]

3May, 2017

Helping Seniors Maintain a Healthy Diet With the Right Food Schedule

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When you are trying to take care of yourself, the important first step is that you have a healthy diet. That is especially important for seniors; unfortunately, they don’t always have the capability of memory to make sure they eat the right food at the right times. A general understanding of this food schedule can help them maintain a healthy diet and  assist in determining whether more help is ultimately needed. Start In The Beginning Breakfast does not only provide your body with energy to start your day, but it also helps […]