2018 New Year Resolutions for Seniors

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As we come close to completing 2 weeks of the new year, have you begun the plan to bettering yourself this year? You may have thought about it sure and made your resolutions in your head, but let’s face it you never completed your resolutions from 2017, 2016 and dare I say it, 2015. According to Forbes more than 40% of us Americans maybe New Years Resolutions and only 8% of us actually keep it! Reason behind this could be that you set too many or even get derailed by small failures and in turn makes you just rather not deal with them anymore. Slowly as we age, we need to make continuing effort on completing resolutions or goals for our mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Take a new hobby

It’s easy to be lazy and make it part of your daily routine. Finding time in the day to do something you love or even different can make a change in your mood, well-being and challenge your brain in a more engaging and positive way. Some great things to try this year to help with those can be painting, taking a fitness class, blogging, cooking or volunteering for a cause you care for.


As we get older and age, it’s easy to lose touch with family and friends. Make this year a time for you to re-connect to your friends and family. We are lucky to live in a day and age where we have many resources to find and connect to those that were once a big part of your time! Make plans to schedule a set time every week to see and catch up with those close to you.

See your physician regularly

By now everyone knows that most resolutions always tend to be towards health. Promising to lose weight, get healthy, quit smoking etc. Those are always the ones that can fail the easiest and sometimes can be harder to achieve. A good tip and kick start, would be to see your physician regularly this year. Your physicians is a great resources to help you achieve those bigger goals, refer you to expects and also can let you know where your health stands at your age.

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