How You Can Start Preventing Alzheimer’s Starting Today

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 In a recent Ted Talk by neurosciences and author of ‘Still Alice’, Lisa Genova talks about one of the major causes of Alzheimer disease. The gradual build-up of amyloid beta plaque in the brains neurotransmitters called the synapse One of the main transmitters of the brain, where we see, think, hear, feel and remember.
As mentioned by Lisa Genova, she states that “the way we live can influence the accumulation of amyloid plaques. So, there are things we can do to delay reaching that tipping point”. What scientists believe could be a huge factor in decreasing and preventing your chances of getting Alzheimer’s, no matter your gene could be sleep.


“A single night of poor sleep deprivation leads to an increase in amyloid beta” (Lisa Genova TED Talk 2017).  When you get a restful night’s sleep, your brain clears away any metabolic wastes that accumulates in your synapses. Getting less sleep deprives you of that, thus increases that buildup of unwanted plaque in your synapses.

Cognitive Reserve

Along with a having a healthy diet and getting enough sleep, another study done by scientist found that every time we learn something new we are creating and strengthen new neural connections (Lisa Genova Ted Talks) As mentioned by Lisa Genova in her Ted Talks, A nun study of 678 nuns all over the age of 75 were followed and participated in a study of their cognitive health. When they all died, they donated their brains for study, what researcher found once examining their brains was so unique. They all had what appeared to be Alzheimer’s, with their brains showing signs of shrinkage and plaques and tangles. Yet they all did not show signs of Alzheimer’s. What separated them from the rest was that they engaged regularly in mentally stimulating activities, had higher education and more cognitive reserve.


Having these two basic and fundamental ideas about Alzheimer’s, our future generations can have many ways of preventing and hopefully eliminating Alzheimer’s all together.

Check out the Ted Talk here!

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