Best IOT Devices of 2016 for Seniors and their Families

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No one will argue that the Internet of Things is a handy thing. No one will argue that extending this coverage to health monitoring for the elderly is a good thing. Seniors are embracing technology gleefully.  Social media, instant access to news and weather as well as information at their fingertips regarding their hobbies or how to can fruits and veggies keep seniors from feeling isolated with its resultant depression. The Internet of Things aids seniors in aging in place by automating things they can no longer wrap their hands around such as locking and unlocking the door, seeing the small buttons to turn on the coffee pot and timers to turn on lights when seniors can’t. Lately, the IoT has begun to encompass wearable technology, a thing seniors also have embraced with glee. All they have to do is strap on a watch band, and their health stats are transmitted wirelessly to their doctor or their care provider (often family members). So what are the latest IoT devices families can use to help their aging parents? Glad you asked.

Health Monitoring Wearable Technology

The snag to wearable tech is that doctors often are unable to process the resulting information. Home care agencies, however, were the first to both understand and implement the use of the information. Such information arises from:

GreatCall. This company produces the popular Jitterbug phone with its large and easily read numbers. The company has now produced a smart phone loaded with health apps for seniors that manage their medications such as reminders. The company also offers Urgent Care in addition to the 5 Star Urgent Response, which uses GPS to hook up seniors with their local emergency medical services or their emergency contacts.

Lively. This wearable tech also contacts emergency services in the event of a medical emergency. It counts steps and keeps up with the activity of the senior, as well as providing medication reminders.

Jawbone UP. This wristband monitors sleep duration and habits, food and hydration diary in addition to fitness and steps. This device is a great way for a senior to maintain control over their fitness and health monitoring in addition to family members or caregivers keeping an eye on things.

Home Sensory Technology

It’s too easy for a senior to miss seeing a frayed bit of rug or carpet that might trip him or her up. It’s frighteningly simple for seniors to slip and fall on a slick kitchen or bathroom floor. Luckily, sensors strategically positioned throughout the house and set on timers will alert care givers or emergency services and doctors of an emergency like a fall, a medical emergency or the senior doesn’t respond or doesn’t complete a routine when they’re known to complete it:

BeClose. With its own station, this system uses wearable tech along with household sensors to monitor the safety, medical awareness, medication use, sleep habits and more. Keep an eye on your loved one remotely.

Evermind. This device was invented for those whose medical machines and even household machines need monitoring. For instance, when a senior’s oxygen is turned off, an alert is sent to the proper people. If the senior has trouble seeing the numbers on the stove and oven dials, someone will know about it. This gives seniors confidence; someone will know they need help, but they won’t be forced to leave their home.

Slip & Fall. Sensors throughout the home alert caregivers, family and medical emergency personnel that a fall has occurred. Sensors can be set to alert said persons when there is no motion at all or if there is movement and then none for a considered amount of time. The confidence this gives to seniors is priceless, in addition to the security family members feel knowing they will know instantly when their loved one is in danger, and they can spring into action.

While seniors are happily using technology designed to keep them in their own homes and independent of outside care, the medical community still needs to come to grips with the IoT. Home care agencies in addition to families welcome the IoT devices for their positive effects on the health and welfare of seniors in their care.

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