Caregiving Is The Fastest Growing US Occupation

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Economists and employment experts are all reporting on the caregiving boom. Caregiving is amongst the fastest growing occupations in the US because Americans are living longer, more active lives and choosing to age in place. Current predictions indicate that within the next four years more than 100 million Americans will need the assistance of a skilled caregiver. The problem is whether or not caregivers can meet that demand. Studies estimate that there may be only about 50 million caregivers by 2020. How can a person make sure that their loved one will have their caregiving needs met in such a scenario?

Finding A Caregiver

Undoubtedly, when searching for a caregiver, navigating the waters of available workers could be quite murky when going it alone. Even if you get a wonderful recommendation from a trusted source, like a friend or co-worker, there is no guarantee that the great experience they had will be transerred over to your own unique situation. Sifting through resumes of individuals and conducting interviews can be time-consuming. Then there’s the issue of background checks. How many individuals are able to perform a thorough background check on a person who will become an intimate part of your life?

The Mistakes Of Securing Service

For many, just the thought of the time and effort to find a caregiver, along with privacy and security issues, often leads to the most common mistake made: procrastination in securing service. This can lead to a build-up of stress for everyone that, in turn, affects the quality of life for all involved.

A narrow focus is another common mistake made when searching for a caregiver. The first thing examined is a candidate’s resume. The three most common factors that are honed in on are compensation expectations, skills, and availability. One thing that a resume can’t tell you is whether or not the personality of your loved one will mesh agreeably with an applicant. So, to get the best caregiver for a loved one, you need to stay focused on the whole package.

The family loop is also important. Invite everyone who is a vital part of your loved one’s life to participate in the interview process. It is important that everyone be clear on the boundaries and service obligations expected of a caregiver. If light housekeeping is not part of the deal, what happens if your loved one is alone with the caregiver and an out-of-the-loop family member shows up to visit and is upset because the kitchen sink is filled with dirty dishes? Avoid the potential for upsetting misunderstandings by keeping everyone who matters in the loop.

It’s A Tall Order

Managing the care of any individual is a tall order. Where a human life and the quality of that life is at stake, loved one’s don’t want to make a mistake. It is a big step to open up your home to a stranger based on the words printed on a resume, spoken by references, and exchanged in an interview. To take such a leap of faith, many people place their trust in qualified, respected caregiving agencies. 

Chicago Area Caregivers

In Chicago, ActiveCare Home Care goes further than just resumes and interviews. Their clients get an in-home assessment that provides professional consultants with those little nuances that help everyone understand each other better. With an array of caregivers who are skilled with specializations such as Alzheimer’s and dementia care, or experienced as meaningful lifestyle companions, the agency is able to meet any level of need. For veterans, there are also special services that a family may qualify for.

Easier Than You Think

Once a person partners with a professional agency, the process of finding a caregiver for a loved one becomes much easier than they may have previously thought. It starts with something as simple as an email inquiry. A representative can provide information on available programs and answer questions. Pricing information for services can be received through an email inquiry or you can schedule an appointment to meet with a representative. The important thing is to take the first step and then let an experienced professional guide you the rest of the way while you stay in control of the options selected that best meet your needs. Log on today and get started with the click of a mouse. 


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