Events for Seniors in Illinois: Get Healthy by Reaching Beyond the Cosmos

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Let’s face it. Fast-paced, kickboxing classes and bustling gyms aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Some of us prefer the slow and steady route to good health. If you’re looking for the latter, we’d suggest visiting the Adler Planetarium. The staff is offering events and activities for seniors in Illinois and one of them involves slow-paced, group exercise.

Reaching Beyond the Cosmos

Called Sun Salutations, it’s taking place on select weekends throughout 2017. The first class of the New Year is presently scheduled for March 4th. They’ve been going on since 2016 but you don’t have to attend every one to get value from it. And you don’t need advance reservations, a lot of money or fancy equipment to participate. All that’s required is a yoga mat and $20.

The $20 bucks also allows you access to the site’s other exhibits and the Galileo’s Café. The Sun Salutations classes typically start at 8:30 a.m. in the planetarium’s Grainger Sky Theater and the café opens at 9:30 a.m. So, it’s easy to swing by after class and enjoy a vitamin water, hot tea, coffee or mid morning repast with your ActiveCare Home Care friends. But let’s talk more about the exercise classes shall we?

Is it Right for Me?

The entire class is devoted to enjoying Vinyasa Flow yoga. It’s a great form of yoga for seniors because it focuses on expanding range of movement, perfecting balance and becoming in tune with one’s own respiration. It boasts a variety of sequences and the sun salutation is just one of them. The sun salutation sequence has several components that includes, but is not limited to placing the arms over the head and bending down to touch the floor.  And if your range of motion is limited at the get go, don’t worry.

Like other forms of yoga, there are modifications available for people facing physical challenges. So you don’t have to be fit or a contortionist to enjoy an hour of stretching. We would, however, recommend using a nicely padded, yoga mat, at least in the beginning. The extra cushion will help protect your knees, hands and feet during the stretching exercises that generally take place on the floor. You can find yoga mats for sale near ActiveCare Home Care or online.

What’s Needed to Participate?

When searching for a padded, yoga mat to take to the Alder Planetarium’s Sun Salutations class, consider the base material. Choose one that will keep the mat in place during the exercise session and not leave indentations in your skin.  Often times, 1/8-inch to ¼-inch thick mats made from PVC are best in that regard. However, you may want to try out a few variations before settling on a mat style.

As for your clothes, go with a plain outfit made from stretchy fabric. It will make moving around the planetarium’s theater much easier than others. Examples include form-fitting sweat suits, yoga pants, workout tops and fitted tees. And even though you won’t be wearing shoes in class, choose a comfortable pair anyway. After all, you may want to wander around the exhibit space or hit the café as we’ve already discussed.

What if I Don’t Want to Stretch?

Not into yoga? No worries there either. The Adler Planetarium offers other events and activities for seniors in Illinois that don’t involve stretches or sweating. Most have to do with film series, guest lectures, gallery openings and the like. So, they’re excellent ways to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening getting to know more about the world around us. Speaking of which, to discover even more events and activities for seniors in Illinois, please contact our ActiveCare Home Care Team today.

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