Learn How to Stay Active While Fighting Arthritis

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Arthritis effects every 1 and 5 adults in United States, and more women than men. Having joint pain day in and day out can affect your daily life and decrease the amount of physical activity that you are doing.  When dealing with Arthritis pain most suffers tend to avoid as much activity as they might feel moving those joints can cause more pain and make it worse.

The opposite is actually true. Our joints need to move and when they move they are lubricated, which in time helps them benefit from the motions, only thing is to know your limits, According to Everydayhealth.com

Here are some easy activities to get you started!

Play video games

There so more gaming systems out now that are focused on keeping you physically active! “In a study funded by Nintendo, the Wii Sports tennis, baseball, and boxing games all qualified as moderate-intensity exercise. For joint flexibility and to improve your range of motion with arthritis, try your hand at balance games and yoga exercises.” (WedMd.com)

Projects around the home

It can become daunting and difficult to do simple chores around but you have to remember to limit yourself and never to exert more than you can handle. Start but doing smaller tasks such as repainting a door or old furniture. Remember to take short breaks in between and always protect your joins with knee pads and bend at your knees to save your back.

Walking with friends

Instead of having friends over or planning dinner and lunch dates, make plans with friends to go for a walk around the neighborhood or even at a mall. Walking can help lose weight and if you are overweight with arthritis pain, expect to see much improvement in the pain and more range in motion in your joints.

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