Popular Events and Activities for Seniors Living in the Greater Chicago Area

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Sometimes, older people can easily become depressed because they fail to engage with their peers or don’t take advantage of the various programs offered in their communities. Thanks to the many activities available to today’s seniors, there’s no need for them to be bored and lose interest in life. This is especially the case for Chicago’s seniors. If you’re a senior citizen, here are some popular events and activities for seniors living in the Greater Chicago area that can keep you active, healthy, fit and entertained.

Senior Social Club

One of the most popular activities for Chicago seniors is the Senior Social Club. This is a group for both singles and couples who are at least 55 years of age. It’s here where you can make new friends, especially when you must start over because of having moved from another area. The Senior Social Club, which was founded in 2012, is known for presenting some of the best talent in the Chicago area. They have more than 3,000 active members, along with a sponsor network and a newsletter.

Enrichment Classes

You’re never old to learn a new skill. If you have a curious mind and enjoy learning, you can sign up for a wide range of life enrichment classes. These classes include those, such as karaoke, AARP Driver Safety, digital photography, conversational Spanish and even belly dancing. To become more tech savvy, take computer classes, offered by SeniorNet at the Northeast (Levy) Regional Center. Also, there are classes on financing, investing, publishing and other topics at The Discovery Center.

Health and Wellness at Regional Senior Centers

Chicago’s Regional Senior Centers provide seniors with helpful information on staying healthy. Besides offering blood pressure screening, there’s a Wellness Team, made up of health professionals, including a nurse, social worker, dietitian and pharmacist. These health experts present talks and provide health consultation. Typical topics include those, such as skin care, vitamins, immunizations and other health concerns.

Cruises and Tours

Chicago’s seniors can take advantage of several cruises and tours, offered through the city of Chicago’s Department of Family and Support Services. Some of the most popular tours include the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, The Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago Botanical Gardens.

Other Considerations

  • You can meet other seniors and find a wide selection of activities at the numerous senior centers, located in every area of the city.
  • Chicago Fitness Plus offers group exercise classes for seniors. Classes, which are held Monday through Saturday, include yoga, fitness for arthritis and Tai Chi. This award-winning fitness program is run through the Regional Satellite Senior Centers. Additionally, there are personal trainers available.
  • “The Best of Serendipity” is an event that celebrates Chicago’s older citizens. Held annually at Millennium Park, this production features dance routines, music and showcasing songs by gifted senior performers.
  • Many volunteering opportunities are available in the Chicago area for seniors. For example, you could tutor, serve as a poll worker or work in soup kitchens.
  • The Megabus transportation system provides exceptionally low-cost bus transportation. Tickets can be purchased for as cheap as $1 online at megabus.com. These buses have free Wi-Fi and panoramic windows. What’s more, customers can receive generous discounts on sightseeing, hotels, Broadway shows and box lunches.
  • The Chicago area has a wide variety of weekend activities for seniors.

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