Reasons Why You Need to Apply for Veterans’ Aid and Attendance Benefits    

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The VA is a retirement plan specifically designed to help eligible veterans who require financial assistance for home, house, health, or assisted living care.    

To get considered as eligible, the veteran should have a record of 90 days of active duty. In case it is the spouse of a veteran applying, she must have proof that the marriage ended due to death of the veteran. Also, the applicant must qualify both financially and medically. Financially, the applicant should have a net worth of less than $80,000 in all their assets combined. Medically, the veteran should need the help of another person to do day-to-day tasks such as bathing, eating, etc.;  i.e. verified disability. With the aid and attendance benefits, it doesn’t matter if the veteran got their disability in service or not; as long as they were in service and met the requirements, then they are eligible for the pension.    

Three benefits of applying for aid and attendance    

1.    Assured Quality health care    

Taking care of the aged can not only drain your finances but your energy as well. For starters, if your loved one is sick and you’re taking care of them yourself, you not only expose yourself to the danger of getting sick, but you also put the others at risk too. Without an extra source of income, getting them quality care could be a challenge too. However, with the pension, you can get your loved one to a quality healthcare facility where they will get all the help and comfort they need.

2.    Enroll into a nursing home

As age degenerates, so does the body and mind. In many instances, as veterans grow older, their minds begin to crumble and they get mental illnesses or disabilities. The best approach to take is to enroll them into a nursing home where they can get all the help, supervision, and safe environment to stay. With the aid and attendance benefits, you can enroll your loved one into a nursing home and comfortably afford to pay the fee without putting a strain on your finances.    

3.    Housing finance    

For veterans with disability, the aid and attendance benefits can help you pay for your house when disability confines you to your premises. With the pension, you can rest a while knowing your family won’t get kicked out because you’re unable to work anymore.

4.    It works both ways    

The aid and attendance benefits do not only apply in the case of an incapacitated veteran. The pension works both ways. In cases where the veterans’ spouse is ill or needs medical help, the pension can help them take care of all their bills without completely depleting your savings.    

How to apply for aid and attendance benefits    

The process of application contains three simple but important stages which include;   

  • Gathering documents    

Before speaking to the veterans’ affairs office, there are a lot of records you need to gather before you apply. Most of the information about the required documents are in government websites where you also get links to download the VA forms. You should visit the sites and read carefully about all the necessary documents needed so you can have all of them before you apply.    

  • Completing the necessary VA forms    

Once you have all the documents and information compiled, you should fill out your VA form for special aid and benefits that you can download from the sites. You can contact various VA forums and ask questions that you don’t understand about the filling process.    

  • Mailing the completed application    

One important tip to follow when you mail is ensure you use a certified mail with a ‘return receipt’ to provide no instances of the VA saying your application wasn’t received. Also, it’s important to keep your copy of the application for surety purposes in case needed in the future. For more info call us.

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