Summer Fun Activities for Seniors in Illinois

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The gorgeous weather of summer has officially arrived. That means it’s time for everyone to get up and head out for some summer sunshine and fun. After all, who would want to pass up such a wonderful chance to enjoy the world around them?

Unfortunately, a good number of elderly people do miss out on this opportunity. Far too many of these older individuals are trapped inside, day after day, with nothing to do. This can be especially depressing during the summer, when it seems everyone else is out and about doing exciting activities.

However, there is no reason the seniors in your life have to say trapped indoors all season. Why not find some fun activities for the elderly adults in your life to become involved in this summer? The sunshine and fresh air will do them good, as will the social interaction and exercise.

Not sure where to go for senior-friendly activities in the Chicago area? Try these options!

Water Exercise Classes

There is no better time to head to the pool than the middle of a hot summer day. The cool water feels absolutely amazing and can really wake up the senses. How about giving your senior friend the chance to take a dip in the pool while also getting in some socialization and exercise?

Water aerobics and other water fitness classes are wonderful, low-impact exercise options, making them ideal for elderly adults. That said, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t join in as well if you like!

The Chicago Parks District has some fabulous adult water fitness options that we’re sure you and your elderly friend will enjoy. So go ahead: Sign up, splash around, and have a great time in the pool with your senior pal this summer.

Music in the Parks

These is nothing quite like sitting outside on a warm summer evening and sipping lemonade. However, the one thing that can make this experience even better is some good music. Fortunately for you, both the Chicago Parks District and Millennium Park are putting on some pretty fantastic concerts this summer.

The Millennium Park Summer Concert Series features a different band every Monday and Thursday this summer. Admission is always free, and all concerts will be held in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. These are fabulous events that you won’t want to miss!

Chicago Parks District has also put together a wonderful concert series with a wide variety of musicians. Again, these concerts are free to the public, plus they’ll be held at several different parks over the course of the summer. Check out the schedule here.

Yoga Clubs and Classes

Yoga is an amazing way to stay limber and active. What’s more, this gentle form of exercise is even great for seniors, especially the lower-level classes. Because yoga is so good for people of all ages, a yoga class is the perfect excuse for getting out of the house with the senior in your life.

If you want to enjoy the summer sunshine while you stretch and breathe, consider attending the Millennium Park yoga sessions on Saturday mornings. These sessions are very well-attended, making them perfect for making new friends. Additionally, they are taught by a very knowledgeable instructor.

That said, the Millennium Park sessions could potentially be a bit too much for a senior or a beginner. Therefore, we also recommend checking out the chair yoga classes at Ganesha Yoga. This class is perfectly suited to the older adult who is lacking range of motion or suffers from balance issues.

These are just a few of the many great activities for seniors in the Chicago area! We encourage you to explore all of the options—including those above—and find a few classes, clubs, or events that you think your senior friend would enjoy.

Getting out and about is a great way to battle depression as well as numerous other health issues. Therefore, you have good reason to hop on the bus and go on an adventure with the elderly adult in your life.

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