Tips On How to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 23rd, 2018

Heart disease, heart attacks and strokes are a leading cause of death in many Americans today. The good part about this is that any cardiovascular disease is  always preventable. A lot of the changes you need to make include in your regular diet and lifestyle.

According to The New York Times,  Anahad O’Connor writes, “a committee of experts with the American Heart Association came up with a strategic plan to reduce cardiovascular disease in the United States.” Here are just a couple great and easy tips to get your started! (The New York Times)

Lower blood pressure

Having high blood pressure, also known as hypertension can put stress on your arties, making them narrow and stiffen. Some easy ways to lower that is losing weight. Since being over weight increases the amount of work your body needs to pump blood throughout your body, it puts you at a higher risk. Lastly to control your sugar and salt intake. This can make a drastic difference in losing weight and lowering your blood pressure. Recommended intake is 5 grams of sugar and salt per day.

Lower your cholesterol

Maintaining a and lowering your cholesterol is easy and includes eating right and staying active. Some great foods to control your cholesterol levels are nuts, fatty fishes, vegetables, beans, fruits such as strawberry’s, apples and oranges. Also switching your cooking oil to olive oil is a great alternative to lowering cholesterol!

Lower your blood sugar

Decreasing your blood level can be done easily and naturally. Choosing to have water instead of soda for a meal. Controlling your portions during every meal. Controlling your stress level, getting enough sleep and of course always being active and exercising!

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