Understanding Everything There is to Know About Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits

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Introducing Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits

It’s interesting that a lot of people aren’t even familiar with Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits. There are lots of reasons why people don’t always get the financial aid that they need and deserve. Sadly enough, one reason is that people don’t always know about all of their options. Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits are substantial enough that they could make all the difference in the world for people in relevant circumstances.

Some people might think that because this pension is relatively obscure, it must be new. In fact, the Veterans Aid and Attendance pension, which is related to the overall Improved Pension benefit, dates back to 1952. Many benefits and pensions for veterans are like that, since they were created when Title 38 of the U.S. Code was enacted.

In the aftermath of World War Two, which was still recent at the time, there was a great deal of public support for benefits for veterans. Many veterans and their families continue to benefit from legislation that was passed during this era, although there still isn’t enough public awareness about many of the related pensions.

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits

Unlike some of the benefits that veterans will receive, the relevant individuals can receive this financial support regardless of their service-related medical problems. This means that fewer veterans and veteran families will be excluded from the program.

These benefits are also distinguished by the fact that they are so substantial. A lot of people don’t bother applying for certain benefits from various government programs because they’re too low, making the entire process seem pointless. People might not care about an extra 250 dollars a month, for instance.

The rates that people can expect with Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits can be high enough to constitute a second income. Even a veteran’s surviving spouse can earn more than 1,000 dollars a month. A pair of married veterans can earn nearly 3,000 dollars a month. A single veteran can earn nearly 2,000 dollars a month, and married veterans will earn more than 2,000 dollars on a monthly basis.

People in this situation might struggle to earn this amount of money on their own. Today, even young people without health problems often struggle to find steady work. For people with additional difficulties, the situation can be much worse. ActiveCare Home Care has been able to help many people in this situation, and disabled veterans and their families can receive assistance through the Veterans Aid and Attendance pension.

Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension Application

Different Pension Management Centers will handle everything for different states. People need to write to the relevant Pension Management Center in order to get the Veterans Aid and Attendance pension. Some regional benefit offices might be able to handle anything related to the pension as well.

Essentially, people need to prove that they need the Veterans Aid and Attendance pension. Physician reports can help, and physician statements will ultimately be necessary. Applicants need to demonstrate that they have a hard time functioning throughout the day. There are lots of documents that applicants will need to submit, including information about their net worth, their discharge and separation papers, information on insurance premiums and banking, Social Security Award letters, and lists of hospital and physician visits.

Veterans who served a minimum of 90 active duty days and one or more wartime days should be able to get the pension if they really need it, assuming that they also got an honorable discharge. Surviving spouses who were still married to the veterans in question when they died may be able to get these benefits as well. The net worth of the veteran is important. A net worth of more than 80,000 dollars will cause someone to get excluded.

The exact application process will vary depending upon whether a person is a veteran or the surviving spouse, but it shouldn’t be substantially more difficult one way or another. All people who think that they qualify for Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits should try to get them. Everyone at ActiveCare Home Care wants to make sure that people are getting all of the assistance that they need.

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