When to Consider a Live-In Caregiver

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As a loved one grows older, their need for a caregiver grows exponentially. After all, any person who experiences a loss of one or more of the senses or difficulty remembering things is going to need a bit of help navigating day-to-day life. Fortunately, there are options out there for our elderly friends and family. 

One option is to visit your senior family member yourself—or bring in a caregiver a few days a week—to help with errands, showering, and other tasks that may be made more difficult by increasing age and decreasing mobility. However, there are many instances when this is not enough, and 24-hour care becomes necessary. 

When a person needs care on an ongoing basis, things can become much harder for the family of that person. Because most people have jobs and other responsibilities to tend to, the elderly person often ends up in assisted living facility. While this does ensure their loved one is cared for, it is also incredibly costly and can cause terrible financial strain. Additionally, many seniors are reluctant to leave behind their homes and belongings to live in a strange place. 

Instead of placing the stress of packing, purging, moving, and affording this new place on either your senior loved one, yourself, or your family, it might be a good idea to consider a live-in caregiver to assist your elderly friend. This option is much more cost-efficient, and it doesn’t require any packing or moving, nor does it require your senior family member to move to a strange place. 

So how do you know it’s time to consider 24-hour care with a live-in caregiver? Below, we have compiled a few signs to watch for.

Medical Issues that Require Ongoing Attention

The most common reasons people choose to find 24-hour care for a family member typically stem from health issues. If your loved one is suffering from issues that require constant monitoring or a large amount of medication or other treatments, a 24-hour caregiver is the best way to ensure their health is well taken care of.

A good, professional caregiver will have extensive training on how to care for patients, and will be very good at following instructions without fail.

An Inability to Carry Out Basic Day-to-Day Tasks

From cooking to laundry to driving to appointments, there are certain things that must be done on a daily basis. If the senior in your life is having trouble carrying out basic day-to-day tasks, it’s probably time to bring in some help. This will ensure your loved one is clean, fed, and able to attend all doctor’s visits.

All of these things are crucial for an elderly person to remain in good health, making a caregiver invaluable in situations where the person in question cannot keep up with these things on their own. 

Lack of Companionship Leading to Depression

Depression is surprisingly common among elderly people. This is especially true for those who have outlived their spouse and friends.

If you notice the senior in your life is becoming depressed, it could be due to lack of companionship. While this may not be reason alone to hire a 24-hour caregiver, it is certainly a benefit to having one around. Of course, no caregiver can ever replace your company, so don’t expect to stop visiting once you’ve hired someone. 

No Drive or Desire to Do Anything

Because depression is so common in the senior community, we often see individuals without the drive to get up and live their lives. If this sounds like your elderly family member, you might consider hiring a caregiver to ensure they are getting exercise on a daily basis. The caregiver can also drive your loved one to various activities in the area, which gives them a reason to get out of bed each day. 

Clearly, a live-in caregiver is an amazing solution to a difficult situation. Are you ready to find the perfect live-in caregiver for your senior friend or family member? We would love to hear from you!

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