20Oct, 2016

Four Issues That are Important for Seniors in This Coming Election

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The 2016 General Election poses quite an interesting set of candidates for our next US President, in that both party’s nominees are senior citizens – over the age of 65. Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old by the time ballots are cast in November, and Republican front-runner, Donald Trump is 70 years old. Seniors may feel as though the next four political years may bring much-needed attention to senior issues, but according to AARP, the exact opposite is true. With one-quarter of the voting population aged over […]

25Oct, 2015

4 Naperville Senior Care Resources Every Caregiver Should Know

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In the area of Naperville there are a vast number of programs and resources that provide valuable services to local seniors and senior caregivers. However, many caregivers providing for an aging loved one may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available. Sorting through endless information may become overwhelming, and finding trustworthy programs can seem complicated, time consuming, and frustrating. Oftentimes it is challenging to even know where to start. Whether you are looking for respite providers, Alzheimer’s treatment, home care in Naperville, or anything in between, use this guide as a starting off point for […]

10Oct, 2015

Caring for an Elderly Parent with Dementia? 7 Steps to Make Their Homes Safer Right Now

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Safety is always a priority when caring for elderly parents or loved ones who have been exhibiting signs of dementia symptoms or given a dementia diagnosis. As stages of dementia progress and dementia symptoms worsen, a caregiver’s tactic of care and supervisory habits will need to be adjusted accordingly. However, while dementia care is an expansive topic, the suggestions presented here are tasks families caring for elderly parents can do within minutes. Each suggestion is designed to develop a simple solution to commonly overlooked problems or to promote a safer environment for loved ones. 1. Make […]

2Jan, 2015

The Real Impact of Hip Fractures

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The real impact of a hip fractures and its impact upon the elderly and the healthcare system are becoming more and more pronounced as research continues to emerge on the subject. The most telling revelation from the research is that fall prevention is absolutely critical, and education 0n fall prevention need to be imparted as early as possible. Fall Prevention is Absolutely Critical In Preventing Hip Fractures The incidence of falling and suffering from a fractured hip, seems common, and a frequent event for the aging. The commonality of the […]