The Benefits of a Caregiver by Your Side

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You may have noticed a change or a decline in your loved one’s health and well being. You think hiring a caregiver would be the best option to assist for the times you are not there. The only problem is and what we as a home care agency have seen are a lot are the seniors not agreeing to the help. This can be a difficult hurdle to jump past for many families, but what many people fail to see are the positives to hiring a caregiver through an agency.


Sense of Security

Many times, seniors are not so comfortable having a stranger come in their home. They are used to having their families taking care of them and feel having someone else take over that role would be an uncomfortable situation for them. Going through an agency such as ActiveCare Home Care , you can be assured that all the caregivers that are vetted, insured and have background checks done through the state. ActiveCare make sure to have each client assigned a care manager who would come and visit the client and caregiver and really make sure they are both connecting well and the caregiver is properly adhering to the care plan and assessments and are keeping up with any changes in care.


Offer Companionship

What we see a lot as a home care agency are many seniors resisting the care is mainly due to the fact they fear their independence being taken away. For many that are of sound mind, its important to emphasize that it’s not having their independence taken away but rather allows them to continue living their lives safely in their home. Many of our seniors have specifically enjoyed having their caregivers around to help with and accompany on errands and remind them of any important appointments.


Improvement in Health

Having a caregiver there to assistance a senior on a daily basis can help ensure seniors follow the recommendations of their physicians, avoid accidents in the home and serve as a personal healthcare advocate for the senior. We have many caregivers at ActiveCare who have noticed many changes in the clients and pointed out to the agency as well as the family about an infection, change in diet, sleep patterns, injuries etc. All things that should be handled immediately. Many times, seniors do not take into account how serious those things can be. Having a trained caregiver around that is dedicated to your safety and care can be the change you need to living a longer healthier life.

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