How ActiveCare Home Care Hires Home Care Aides

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The ultimate goal of ActiveCare Home Care is to become the leading service agency for home care in Chicago are and its surrounding suburbs. ActiveCare  strives to provide families with the best possible care. That care starts with the hiring of the best possible healthcare aids. Therefore, it is essential for ActiveCare Home Care to take the hiring process seriously, to take their client’s needs seriously, and to do their due diligence throughout the entire process. This process does not end with the offering of the job, it continues throughout the care takers employment.

The Interview Process

During the interview process, ActiveCare ensures that the individual has at least between three to five years of experience in this professional field. Reference checks are performed, as well as a Criminal Background Check, as part of standard procedure during the interview and hiring process. Each person who is hired on as a healthcare aide has a firm understanding that they will be available at a moment’s notice, they will be working weekends, and that they will be available to work on holidays.

Each healthcare aide who is hired also had the understanding that their requirements could change, as well as their routines, at a moment’s notice. In addition, should a client not be able to reach their regular health aide for any reason during an emergency, another will be made available for them. Therefore, hiring the right types of “go with the flow” personalities and professionals is an essential part of ActiveCare Home Care’s priorities during the interview and hiring process.

Unlike private healthcare providers, ActiveCare Home Care aides are fully insured and bonded. Care Managers are on staff and, from the time new hires are entered into employment, they are carefully monitored. Each care giver undergoes a routine assessment whereby in-home visits occur on a regular basis. AcitveCare Home Care also keeps their phone lines open to their clients so, should an issue occur with a care giver, a call can comfortably and quickly be made from the home regarding loved ones. ActiveCare healthcare aides are also required to undergo mandatory training and it is provided on a regular basis.

Developing Trust

ActiveCare Home Care understands that trusting home care aides with duties such as dressing, bathing,  medication reminders,transportation, meal preparation, and bill payments is an undertaking requiring a lot of trust on the part of their clients. Not only are clients expecting home care aides to be there for their loved ones, but also provide necessary services for them twenty-four hours per day in addition to providing emotional support and companionship. ActiveCare does not take this lightly, thus chooses those who will be assisting their clients’ needs with their daily living with the best possible care and attention to detail.

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