Caregivers and Elderly Abuse

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Aging may be a stressful process, when dealing with aches and pains and medications. Families who care for loved ones need help sometimes; and they come to agencies like ours to find reliable, experienced, and kind-hearted individuals to come in and provide services to release some of the load off of themselves.

Here at ActiveCare we complete background checks, fingerprinting, CPR certification, all the standard requirements as well as making careful selection of who we hire.

So many times we hear stories of Elder abuse happening in there own home or in nursing homes. The abuse is usually  under reported and over looked. Weather it is physical, emotional, sexual, or financial, this type of abuse is more common than you think. Dementia patients are at a higher risk.

What should you look for to make sure your loved ones are not facing any type of abuse when you are not present?

Physical abuse is usually easier to recognize. New marks, cuts, complaints of pain, etc.

Emotional abuse may lead to depression. I think everyone can agree harsh words can be very damaging to ones self esteem.

Sexual abuse can lead to infections, tearing, or scars around the genitals.

The elderly are a good target for financial exploitation. Monitoring your loved ones accounts is always a great way to make sure their financials are in place.

Many times the elderly are scared to report abuse because of threats or because they may be lonely or depend on the help they are receiving.

Here at ActiveCare we do home visits every 30-45 days and phone visits every two weeks. We speak to our clients and assess their caregivers. All our clients and their families have nothing but kind things to say about our caregivers. If one day we ever had a client who is not happy with their caregiver, we would replace the caregiver immediately.

Its a scary thing for families to hire outside help. Always remember to do your research on the company you are looking into! Here at ActiveCare we are very active with our clients and we have great ratings!! Follow our blog for more helpful topics!

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