19Apr, 2017

6 Long-Term Fall Prevention Tips to Make Your Life Safer

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For older Americans, falling is the number one cause of non-fatal and even fatal injuries. As a matter of fact, one quarter of Americans aged 65 and older will fall this year. This is a serious problem. And so it’s important to understand, either for yourself or as a caregiver, some essentialĀ fall preventionĀ tips, that can make a difference in the long term. Before you understand how to prevent falls, let’s first examine why falling is a serious problem. When a young person falls, their body is typically more capable of […]

23Feb, 2017

Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

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As a person grows older, the risk of them falling and becoming seriously injured skyrockets. Often, this leaves family members in a constant state of worry about their elderly loved ones. After all, a simple slip and fall can lead to some pretty serious complications in older adults. This is especially true when there is nobody around to help after the fall occurs. In order to protect older family members and get some peace of mind, there are a number of fall prevention tips you can help your loved one […]

2Jan, 2015

The Real Impact of Hip Fractures

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The real impact of a hip fractures and its impact upon the elderly and the healthcare system are becoming more and more pronounced as research continues to emerge on the subject. The most telling revelation from the research is that fall prevention is absolutely critical, and education 0n fall prevention need to be imparted as early as possible. Fall Prevention is Absolutely Critical In Preventing Hip Fractures The incidence of falling and suffering from a fractured hip, seems common, and a frequent event for the aging. The commonality of the […]