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You are not alone, we don’t want you to be alone so we practise compassion here!

Being in a socially active environment is very eminent for a human being, apparently it is a basic cure for loneliness. As age advances and retirement sets in, there are many challenges faced by senior sections of the society; busy lives and carefree attitude of other members in the house naturally leads to ignorance and rude behaviour towards them which leads to depression, anxiety and other mental problems. They require support mentally and physically, as they are more dependent due to health related issues, personal problems like loss of spouse, other social stigma, no employment etc. Makes them frenzied and dependent. ActiveCare Companionship services makes sure your loved ones are well taken care off. By maintaining our social interactive sessions we let them also bond naturally with our caregivers and other companions.

A brisk walk, exercise sessions, having social circles and games inculcated into their daily schedule can change an individual and make them mentally active, which have a great impact mentally, boosts the immune system and makes them strong. We have our say and a way of genuine practice of empathy, support and a sense of companionship, which compels people to bond well in order to share, talk and thus waive off their loneliness. Our Companionship services offer a wide spectrum of activities for enhancement of abilities and tastes that will upsurge the opportunities for an elderly individual, to find similar and like-minded people and embark on an enjoyable routine. We inculcate reading which is solitary though but an active pastime that allows the individual to stay connected with the world and it can diminish loneliness through a sense of connection. Gardening can also provide a purpose, and there can be a good amount of satisfaction in watching the planted and created plot flourish.

24 hour live-in care

Elders desire a good and healthy life with dignity, freedom, economic independence and peace. They are perhaps longing for care, love and affection and it’s a boon for them as we caregivers understand their needs and concerns and thus comprehend their utmost emotional support. Elders feel to have company among their age and discuss their old life with fellow companions, here we have a good sharing circle and a livelihood atmosphere which promotes their jovial nature without compromising their small needs. Our interactive programs keep people active and engaged through physical, mental and social activities, all within the comfort of their home.


This ensures them feel they are important, being cared and not a burden to others. Remaining socially active and building up trust encourages elderly people to share their perceptions, thoughts and this can be a cure to many ailments like Alzheimer’s, dementia and mediate depression. Companionship can have an impact much way farther than one can think of by suppressing the negativities and creating a positive and healthy environment for them to live.