The Real Impact of Hip Fractures

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The real impact of a hip fractures and its impact upon the elderly and the healthcare system are becoming more and more pronounced as research continues to emerge on the subject. The most telling revelation from the research is that fall prevention is absolutely critical, and education 0n fall prevention need to be imparted as early as possible.

Fall Prevention is Absolutely Critical In Preventing Hip Fractures

The incidence of falling and suffering from a fractured hip, seems common, and a frequent event for the aging. The commonality of the fractured hip bones in seniors may have created a dismissive attitude towards it, but the consequences are startling and dramatic. The centers for disease and control CDC issued a report in 2010 which mentioned that 258,000 seniors aged 65 and over were admitted to hospital with broken hips.  Digging deeper into the data shows that the consequences of these falls are catastrophic. Falls that result in a broken hip are the leading cause of death for the elderly, and for women the data is especially eye opening with three quarters of all hip fractures skewed towards women. The initial fall is not what leads to death, but it is the sequence of events that cause a dramatic deterioration in health that leads to death. Most seniors that are beginning to develop of have balance issues carry other ailments, such as diabetes, cardiac disease and dementia, along with a naturally weakened immune system. These underlying factors combined with the shock on the body of the fall and fracture are what leads to death.

Recovery From a Fall Related Fractured Hip

After the initial fall, getting critical care is important, and if a fracture is detected the urgency has to be more pronounced. Recent studies have indicated that delaying surgery after a hip fracture, even by 24 hours dramatically increases complication, and the potential for death. The most common situation occurring after a hip fracture that leads to death is the senior coming down with pneumonia after they have broken their hip.

For those that survive a broken hip the road to recovery can be long, seniors that had lived independently prior to their fall can spend up to a year in a nursing home recovering from the hip fracture, and the prevalence of death relating to complications  from the recovery are still prevalent.

The prevalence of hip fractures and the complications that arise in the recovery process call for greater awareness of now to address falls that lead to broken hips.  Prevention should be a priority with fall prevention being the ultimate focus. If the unfortunate event does occur, getting immediate treatment is critical to the recovery.

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