Learn About the Role of An ActiveCare Certified Senior Care Manager

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When hiring a home care agency and employing a caregiver to be by your one’s side around the clock isn’t always enough. At ActiveCare we make sure that all our clients are receiving the best care, which is why we assign every client with one of our Certified Senior Care Managers. What many find the best parts of having a care manager is assisting the family with caregiver support and navigating the health care system

Caregiver Support

Our Certified Senior Care managers is someone who will be your first point of contact when signing up for home care services. Our Care Manager will meet with you and complete one of our free personal assessments and devise a care plan that will be used by the caregivers. The care plan is used as a guide for your assigned caregiver to follow and make sure you are getting the best care that is tailored to your needs. Care managers make sure to make frequent visits to see how well our caregivers are connecting with the clients. Having home visits helps us to better understand the needs of our clients and allows the care manager to communicate between the family and caregivers of any changes to the condition.

Navigating the Health care system

Along with having the guidance of a care manager our Care managers are a great resource for navigating the health care systems. Many clients we sign up may be transitioning from a rehab facility, or staying in a hospital for medical treatments. This can be very stressful for anyone to know and understand what the right steps would be to do when coming home. The care manager can help guide you and be a point of contact for you and your family to help you communicate with health care professionals, and make sure doctors’ orders are understood and followed. ActiveCare care managers have a variety of networks within the community and are able to introduce you to the appropriate health professionals for your concerns and needs.

To learn more about our Care Mangers and our home care services click the link below to contact us and speak to one of our many Certified Care Managers today! Contact ActiveCare

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