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Meals & Prep

The experience and wisdom of older people is a treasure trove of inestimable worth. Thus recognizing and treasuring the contributions of older people is an essential to the long- term development of any society

It is well said that experience comes with a beautiful lesson and learning, elderly people have been through many phases of life and thus imbibed a huge amount of knowledge. It becomes very important to eat the correct meal as age advances, the majority of them do have a keen interest in cooking and have a relevant expertise. Cooking meals together and participating in the wholesome process can bring a sense of friendliness and confidence to work in groups thus supporting each other thereby inculcating a healthy habit. It motivates them to care for each other and coordinate small tasks to accomplish bigger goals. We provide a base for them where our caregivers and professionals monitor each and every activity thus assisting them in carrying out various activities like serve meals, crafting, playing some memory games etc.

Meals & Prep

We serve meals and monitor the eating pattern by meticulously paying attention to healthy eating, a correct requirement of minerals, vitamins, proteins is supplemented thus avoiding foods that can cause allergy or other problems like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. A correct diet is essential and we focus on good eating habits for each and every individual. We take special care of each person by serving the meals on time and keeping a track of their essential health requirements. Apparently, for cooking meals, there are certain supplies required, we mostly make it a point that the involvement of elderly people should be there for shopping for groceries and other requirements.

Ideally this inculcates an active habit and stimulates social responsibility by creating more awareness towards healthy living and receiving a great amount of knowledge from fellow companions.