Optimism linked to reduced risk of heart failure

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Are you a  glass half full or half empty kind of person?

If you are over the age of 50, and are half full you are likely to have a reduced risk of heart failure according  and full of optimism, you are likely to be at lower risk of heart failure, according to a recent study.

The research led by Dr. Eric Kim of the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan, published their findings in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure.

Previous studies have indicated that positive outlooks may be beneficial to health. Heart failure affects more than 5 million people in the US every year, and a jaw dropping 50% of those people diagnosed with the condition will die with 5 years of the diagnosis.

According to the research, over 80% of heart failure diagnoses are in people aged 65 years and over. The research team investigated how optimism affects the risk of heart failure in seniors – a relationship they say has not been investigated previously.

The research team collaboration with researchers at Harvard University, the researchers analyzed the background information, health history and psychological data of 6,808 older adults who were a part of the Health and Retirement Study.

So how should seniors remain happy, or regain their happiness?

Studies have shown that seniors that are independent and living at home are happier with rates around 95%. Once the senior loses independence that incidence of depression and general sadness increase, and if they happen to get admitted into a nursing homes the sadness and depression levels dramatically increase.

To circumvent the sadness associated with a loss of independence, loved ones can turn to home care agencies to provide the assistance and companionship that is so desired by our senior citizens. ActiveCare Home Care is proactive in understanding the causes of sadness, and works with clients to implement specific daily activities that energize a soul. To schedule an in-home assessment please see the side bar to the right and complete the short contact form, and someone will schedule a free in-home assessment for you to help you decide what your care needs are.

So be happy!

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