28Mar, 2018

What is Parkinson’s Disease? Breaking down the disease

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Parkinson disease effects close to 1 million individuals in the United States. Every year about 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson each year. Making this brain disease a close contender to Alzheimer’s, ranking in 2nd for the most common brain disease in adults aged 50 and older. For this fact, many people can confuse the two as they are both brain disease with similar symptoms. What many don’t realize is that they are very different disease and each person effected by Parkinson’s Disease all have very different symptoms. In this […]

18Jan, 2018

The Benefits of a Caregiver by Your Side

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You may have noticed a change or a decline in your loved one’s health and well being. You think hiring a caregiver would be the best option to assist for the times you are not there. The only problem is and what we as a home care agency have seen are a lot are the seniors not agreeing to the help. This can be a difficult hurdle to jump past for many families, but what many people fail to see are the positives to hiring a caregiver through an agency. […]

10May, 2017

When do I Consider Live-in Care for my Loved One?

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Are you part of the “Sandwich Generation”? Are you caring for your own children, but finding yourself needing to care for aging parents as well? With 46 million Americans over the age of 65, this is a common occurrence for many. The Administration on Aging projects that number will more than double by the year 2060, meaning more and more families will need to find a way to care for their aging loved ones. As the current generation of “Baby Boomers” grows older, many want to “Age in Place”. A 2011 survey […]

26Apr, 2017

5 Memory Improving Techniques for Seniors

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  As people age, one common complaint is memory loss. This isn’t only true of seniors who suffer from illnesses such as dementia. Many seniors find that their memories deteriorate over time. There are certain ways to prevent, minimize, or even reverse this problem. Learn about 5 memory improving techniques that can be used for seniors and improve their well-being! 1. Challenge the Brain In some ways, the brain is like a muscle; the more it’s used, the stronger it gets. One problem that many older adults face is that they […]

16Mar, 2017

Find Out the Importance of Personal Hygiene for Aging Seniors

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There are a great many tasks that may become challenging as those you love age. Included in these tasks are the very basic and very important set of tasks involved in maintaining personal hygiene.  Unfortunately, losing the ability to keep up with one’s own grooming can lead to a variety of problems. Obviously, body odor can become an issue, and while your loved one may not even notice, it can present uncomfortable situations for family and friends. Those older adults who do understand the consequences of their inabilities may experience embarrassment […]