23Feb, 2018

Tips On How to Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

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Heart disease, heart attacks and strokes are a leading cause of death in many Americans today. The good part about this is that any cardiovascular disease is  always preventable. A lot of the changes you need to make include in your regular diet and lifestyle. According to The New York Times,  Anahad O’Connor writes, “a committee of experts with the American Heart Association came up with a strategic plan to reduce cardiovascular disease in the United States.” Here are just a couple great and easy tips to get your started! […]

15Apr, 2014

Optimism linked to reduced risk of heart failure

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Are you a  glass half full or half empty kind of person? If you are over the age of 50, and are half full you are likely to have a reduced risk of heart failure according  and full of optimism, you are likely to be at lower risk of heart failure, according to a recent study. The research led by Dr. Eric Kim of the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan, published their findings in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure. Previous studies have indicated that positive outlooks may […]