27Apr, 2018

What is an In-Home Assessment?

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Many family members ask us what is an in-home assessment. The in-home assessment goes by many names such as in-take sheet, client assessment form and personal care home assessment. The in-home assessment is the fist major step in evaluating the levels care needed by your loved ones. Going through this process we as your home care agency will have a better idea of what you and your loved ones needs as far as care. Why is it so necessary? The in-home assessment is the first major step in getting care […]

26Apr, 2017

5 Memory Improving Techniques for Seniors

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  As people age, one common complaint is memory loss. This isn’t only true of seniors who suffer from illnesses such as dementia. Many seniors find that their memories deteriorate over time. There are certain ways to prevent, minimize, or even reverse this problem. Learn about 5 memory improving techniques that can be used for seniors and improve their well-being! 1. Challenge the Brain In some ways, the brain is like a muscle; the more it’s used, the stronger it gets. One problem that many older adults face is that they […]

4Feb, 2015

How ActiveCare Home Care Hires Home Care Aides

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The ultimate goal of ActiveCare Home Care is to become the leading service agency for home care in Chicago are and its surrounding suburbs. ActiveCare  strives to provide families with the best possible care. That care starts with the hiring of the best possible healthcare aids. Therefore, it is essential for ActiveCare Home Care to take the hiring process seriously, to take their client’s needs seriously, and to do their due diligence throughout the entire process. This process does not end with the offering of the job, it continues throughout […]

23Jan, 2015

How Home Health Aides Help in Diabetes Care

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 Home health aides can be one of the main resources for daily care and treatment of diabetes for patients who need outside help. The personal assistance provided by home heath care workers can mean the difference between patients staying in their own homes or having to move to assisted living. Special Needs of Diabetes Patients Diabetes patients need to monitor their blood sugar levels daily. It is essential that they maintain a healthy diet and get enough exercise to stay healthy. If they are living alone, this can be hard […]