What is an In-Home Assessment?

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Many family members ask us what is an in-home assessment. The in-home assessment goes by many names such as in-take sheet, client assessment form and personal care home assessment. The in-home assessment is the fist major step in evaluating the levels care needed by your loved ones. Going through this process we as your home care agency will have a better idea of what you and your loved ones needs as far as care.

Why is it so necessary?

The in-home assessment is the first major step in getting care for your loved ones. It is a mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and is a detailed checklist to see what levels of care are needed by your loved ones. At ActiveCare Home Care we utilize the form as a mechanism to enable communication with you, it can help you explain what your loved ones need as far as care, and what they do not need. The simple facets that are often over looked such as does you loved one need medication reminders, or just monitoring of medication intake to make sure they are staying compliant with their family physician prescription orders.

Why Do People Resist the In-Home Assessment Appointment

The typical resistance that we encounter with the in-home assessment is a high pressure sales tactic.  At ActiveCare we understand this resistance and utilize this process as a discovery process for both of us. Ultimately it is a requirement of the State of Illinois, and needs to be adhered to. The best way to look at it to see it a a way to thoroughly look at the care levels your loved ones need, and in the end what the ultimate cost is going to be. The understanding that not everyone can afford 24 hour care or live in care.

A Tool to Plan For Future Needs

Our assessment form details your loved ones needs, as the aging process accelerates it needs to be evaluated if there are any changes to condition or annually. ActiveCare home care makes sure this is being handled accurately as we make sure to do follow up visits with the client, family member and be in contact touch with the caregivers.  When yearly assessments are done we always ask the clients family member or anyone who partakes in the clients health care is there. This gives them a great chance to communicate with the Care Manager any important changes that need to be included in the assessment and relayed to the caregiver.

Interested in Learning More?

All of our in- home Assessments are free of cost and require no obligation to commit to our services. As you sign up you will meet with one of our Certified Senior Care Managers who will guide you every step of the way and access which care best fits you or your loved ones needs. To get in touch with us and inquire about setting up an in-home assessment fill up the form with your information and someone will be in touch with your in 24-48 hours! Click To Get Started! 

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