What is Home Care

What is Home Care?

Home Care simply stated are  services to take care of another person who is still living in the home. The services are non-medical in nature and the take place within the persons home. There are many different reasons why people utilize home care services. Some of the reasons may the disease states such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Other reasons may be that the primary caregiver, such as a daughter or a son needs a break – this type of care is called respite care.  Different demographics also require care, and it is not always the senior citizens, often it is children with special needs that need care takers.

Other Names of Home Care

There are many other names for home care. Some names that you may be familiar with are care taker services, care giver services, private duty care, non-skilled nursing services,  companion care services, nursing aides.

Some terms that the home care services are confused with are home health care. The difference between the two is that home care provides non-medical care services, whilst the home health care provides nursing services in the home to administer health care.

How Large is the Home Care Industry?

It is very hard to determine the number of people who receive home care in America. The number is hard to determine because of the large amount of informal caregivers providing care, these caregivers are often sons and daughter, or other close relatives. The U.S Census Bureau has determined that more than 7.6 million Americans receive home care.

The Goals of Home Care

The main goal of home care is to keep your loved ones in home longer, and avoid admission in to nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. There have been many studies that show the advantages of staying at home for seniors. ActiveCare endeavors to provide home care that makes everyone’s lives significantly better.

What Happens When a Care Giver is at Your Loved Ones’ Home

ActiveCare Home care provides a wide variety of services that are essential to daily living. Services include bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. Services also extend into non-essential assistance such as with transportation, paying bills, making appointments and the what feel is the most important – companionship and emotional support. The home care services are flexible with the delivery upon what fits your loved ones needs and budget. Services can be arranged with a 24 hour live in care giver or a few hours a week. ActiveCare also specializes in short notice respite care arrangements. A simple hone call and everything can be set up quickly to begin homecare service.

ActiveCare Home Care provides quality and affordable care in the comfort for your loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Our varegivers are English speaking, reliable, fully screened, and bonded employees of our agency with both liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Contact us to discuss homecare options for your loved ones. Click here to view the differences between using a home care agency vs. hiring an independent personal attendant (caregiver).


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  1. Peigi

    Rachel Bottari has done a fantastic job of arranging for care for my 93 year-old veteran father. Her staff is the epitome of professionalism. My dad is so happy he can stay in his home and have such incredible care. Rachel stays on top of all the details and helps with whatever we need. I highly recommend Rachel Bottari and ActiveCare Home Care!

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