ActiveCare Home Care

24 Hour Live-In Caregiver

It is very crucial that the 24 Hours Live-in Caregiver providing some or the other necessary inputs are doing in a correct way and the recipient is thus happy and satisfied. We have professionals who are highly skilled and trained in providing such services. For us all the clients are important and we ensure that their basic necessities are met.

We can provide the best 24 Hours Live-in Caregiver services and shoulder the responsibilities whenever there is an emergency. We are able to take into note that the hospital routine appointments and health care amenities are met in a stipulated time.

Meals & Prep

We are engaged in providing the dedicated and highest level of care with a perception of your beloved to live a vibrant life. Our job is not only to marginalise indoor but also the outdoor activities and events in the greenery and sunshine with ample amount of relaxed and fun activities. We comprehend the necessary requirements which can be procured 24/7 and comes handy when it comes to taking proper care of older people, especially when it concerns their health in particular.

ActiveCare Home Care – 24 Hours Live-in Caregiver services is incredibly responsive to you and your loved ones needs. We utilize a simple process of evaluating each individual’s needs through a very detailed assessment at the initial assessment.  The complimentary assessment helps us understand what you, or your loved one needs from a caregiver. Each client is different both in physical needs, and emotional needs, our assessment will involve everyone from your immediate family member, to the family physician. Each assessment will uncover what is needed from a daily, weekly and monthly service need.  The plan is then proposed to you for review and adjustments can be made to further customize your loved one’s caregiver needs and wants. ActiveCare can also help evaluate if you qualify for government programs such as the Veteran Aid and Benefits Pension. Our aim at ActiveCare is to develop a close relationship with everyone involved from the immediate recipient of care, to the family, to the doctor and social workers.s

Along with having the guidance of a care manager our Care managers are a great resource for navigating the health care systems. Many clients we sign up may be transitioning from a rehab facility, or staying in a hospital for medical treatments. This can be very stressful for anyone to know and understand what the right steps would be to do when coming home. The care manager can help guide you and be a point of contact for you and your family to help you communicate with healthcare professionals, and make sure doctors’ orders are understood and followed. ActiveCare care managers have a variety of networks within the community and are able to introduce you to the appropriate health professionals for your concerns and needs.

As many older people usually experience a decline in abilities of perception, reasoning and an accurate level of perception, probably it is very common for them to forget the doctor’s prescription for a particular medicine. To prevent the over dose or missed medication problems, our professionals make it a point to oversee their drug intake and ensure that aging parents take the proper medication at the exact time with the prescribed time interval. Here we are also responsible for keeping with the doctor’s appointment schedule. We also provide Veterans care services which also includes Veterans and their spouses.

ActiveCare Home Care covers the entire Chicago, IL area with its care caregiver services. We provide a free in-home assessment in order to understand better your family’s needs and then a care plan is developed with close consultation with you and your loved ones. We thus strive to become the leading caregiver service agency in the entire Chicago and surrounding suburbs area, which is the correct fit for you and your loved ones. Our goal is simple to provide the most comforting care that is the right fit for you and your loved ones.

When hiring a home care agency and employing a caregiver to be by your one’s side around the clock isn’t always enough. At ActiveCare we make sure that all our clients are receiving the best care, which is why we assign every client with one of our Certified Senior Care Managers. What many find the best parts of having a care manager is assisting the family with 24 Hour Live-in caregiver support and navigating the health care system

You can also call our Toll Free line at 844-545-CARE (2273) and one of our friendly Certified Senior Care Managers, will be there to help you learn more about the different care options offered.