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As age advances, the body requires specific and nutritional meal intakes to boost the immune system and keep you healthier.

The elderly go through many phases in their lives and surely absorb a considerable amount of knowledge, including keen interest and prior expertise in cooking meals. However, as they age, it becomes a challenge to cook meals, and most often struggle to eat proper, nutritional food or merely lose interest in food. If your aged parents live alone, mealtimes may be lonely. Due to their aging condition, food may seem less appetizing and inviting. Other factors that contribute to taking a toll on appetite are heavy medications and the lack of mobility leading to difficulty grocery shopping and preparing meals. We may not realize it, but these reasons altogether become obstacles to good nutrition for your loved ones. As nutritional needs change with age, elderly individuals require support in preparing meals. That’s where we step in – ActiveCare Home Care provides meal preparation services for older adults.


Meal prep services can benefit older adults in many ways. Seniors often undergo serious health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. With such conditions, places like kitchens or even bathrooms can be dangerous. There’s nothing scarier than accidentally leaving the oven on in the kitchen, letting the water overflow, which can lead to a risk of slips, walking away from the stove, and letting the pot boil over. As age advances, small cuts, burns, or even slips and falls can be riskier to overcome.

Our caregivers can help individuals prepare meals, provide them mealtime feeding assistance, and plan for their special dietary needs. Caregivers ensure that seniors consume the right food to stay healthy, dispose of expired food, and go grocery shopping. From breakfasts to dinner meals and everything in between, we can help prepare nutritional meals with the right portion size to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the elderly. ActiveCare, your loved ones can enjoy home-cooked meals that have the right nutritional value without doing any of the work.


During meal preparation, caregivers can do everything from planning out the menu to serving up a tasty meal. It’s like a personal chef at home. Our service package includes:

Apart from preparing meals, our meal preparation service offers an invaluable advantage for all individuals – the sense of togetherness and friendliness. Cooking meals together and participating in the cooking process is wholesome; it can bring a sense of confidence and friendliness when supporting each other, instilling a healthy habit. When elderly individuals are involved in small tasks while cooking, they feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. To get more information about our meal preparation services, get in touch with us.