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Household Duties

People wish to age in the comfort of their own homes rather than move into the retirement of other long-term care facilities.


As age advances, most seniors require minor to major assistance with daily tasks, and they prefer to enjoy time with their family and friends nearby. They are in search of companionship and a sense of independence. Since seniors are often physically weak, it becomes challenging and daunting to manage household duties, such as the cleaning part. It is not only restricted due to the health and body mobility constraint, but it’s also not viable for seniors to do household chores, which may involve certain risks of injury or falls. Other household duties that seniors may not be able to do can include mopping, bed making, grocery, toilet cleaning, laundry, shopping, cleaning, and other related home tasks. In some cases, seniors go through health conditions that limit them to even get in or out of bed or move into care and drive. Therefore, this calls for a caregiver who can visit or reside with the senior to help them in their daily living.

At ActiveCare, we help maintain your independence and help you stay safe at home for longer. Our household maintenance caregivers aim to raise seniors’ quality of life, especially those with limited mobility and social interaction due to several constraints. When the majority cannot manage themselves in keeping body hygiene, our caregivers are ever ready to support them in meeting their basic needs. Our household services can include, but are not limited to:

Our household duties will cover a wide range of light housekeeping services that can help the senior sort through the clutter and keep the home neat and organized.


To develop your housekeeping plan for your loved ones, get in touch with one of our representative managers. They will carry out the personal assessment and devise a plan with you that’s tailored to your needs. ActiveCare ensures that the communication process is smooth and that our care recipient receives the quality amount of care. For that, our care managers make frequent visits to you and see how well our caregivers connect with clients and if any changes are required in the situation.