ActiveCare Home Care

Household Duties

Home is where the heart is!

At ActiveCare a special care is taken and arrangements have been made by the health care providers to make the house more comfortable for the elderly. Since senior citizens are physically weak, it is a daunting task for them to manage the cleaning part. Our care providers assure that all the needs are met and household duties are done smoothly. These activities include cleaning, mopping, bed making, procurement of groceries and other stuff, toilet cleaning and maintenance etc. Special and utmost care is taken for cleaning the house for our elderly friends, like daily changing of bed covers, rooms, living area etc. Our services aim to raise the quality of life of seniors, especially those having limited mobility and social interaction due to various constraints.

Most of the elders are not able to manage themselves after using the toilet, we help them in toileting and keeping body hygiene, in addition to the necessary requirements we are ever ready so that their basic needs are met like food, timely medicines, health check-up, the daily maintenance and cleanliness hence leads to a peaceful atmosphere. We make sure the laundry is done perfectly and good hygiene practices are being followed by each and every individual. Our Certified Senior Care managers is someone who will be your first point of contact when signing up for home care services. Our Care Manager will meet with you and complete one of our free personal assessments and devise a care plan that will be used by the caregivers. The care plan is used as a guide for your assigned caregiver to follow and make sure you are getting the best care that is tailored to your needs. Care managers make sure to make frequent visits to see how well our caregivers are connecting with the clients. Having home visits helps us to better understand the needs of our clients and allows the care manager to communicate between the family and caregivers of any changes to the condition.