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Personal Care

Caring for one another represents the greatest Human values!

Humans go through various phases and among all old age is a very sensitive period of one’s life. It is eminent that they might face cognitive challenges, emotional stress, various health ailments etc. At this peak time one seeks correct attention, loneliness makes one feel unwanted and loaded with uncertainties; but life always favours the one who has been on a tough journey, at ActiveCare Home Care we are here to understand all your needs and provide you the optimum benefits. As a second home we personally give the utmost care and warmth, in order to reflect your personal needs where our elderly mates feel comfortable.  For many elderly people as the aging advances the emotional and financial dependency increases, it becomes difficult for everyone to monitor and prioritize their personal needs. At ActiveCare we have a personal interaction with each and every client to know their needs; we have a caregiving support which is person centred to provide them the correct affection and respect which was being missed for a prolonged period.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Our professionals are well trained caregivers and experienced for decades, we assure that your parents will receive the same care and bonding which will satiate their daily needs. Thus satiate them to rejoice the positivity and regain their confidence. After reaching old age people have less strength and lack the ability to do daily chores thus they become more dependent.

The personal touch has a great healing power, a kind gesture, a smile, a listening ear and small compliments can be a potential saviour to dodge the problems and gain the self-motivation; thus we abide by the basic principles. We try to build personal and natural connections by being gentle and listening to their perspective and conversation to make them feel more comfortable. It is an eminent role to make them feel independent and be compatible with the atmosphere. Since old age makes one feeble, we assure that there is less usage of staircases, proper food, and basic amenities to support their swift transition. There are many activities which a human enjoys doing, we try to indulge our elderly friends with the same tasks which will keep them energised and reciprocate the liveliness in each and every moment.