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Respite Care

Primary family caregivers deserve time to rest and revive their spirits after tackling constant challenges and sacrifices to serve in your role as caregiver for your loved one.  


If you’re a family caregiver, you might understand that caring for an aging parent or other elderly loved one is rewarding yet a demanding role. While caring for them, your own health and wellness often go overlooked and ignored.


At ActiveCare Home Care, we offer respite caregiving services for your loved ones providing a consistent caregiver to look after their needs while also developing trusting relationships. Older adults who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia need extra special care and attention. Adult children and family caregivers may not always be always available to fulfill the intense care needs of the elderly due to personal work and family commitments. At that particular moment, the majority realize the vital role of respite care in one’s life – a lifeline for family caregivers and seniors.


You must be wondering what respite care is and what the respite care services encompass. In a nutshell, respite care services bridge the gap and mediate the responsibilities required by many families and provide a safe and fostering environment for the senior during the day or night time. This enables the primary caregiver to work, rest, or perform their daily chores with peace of mind that their loved ones are under the utmost care, attention, and safe hands. Respite care helps provide the necessary attention to the care receiver and becomes a source of satisfaction and contentment to the caregiver, reducing the mental and physical exhaustion – caregiver burnout.

Respite care services provide the rest, relief, and assistance for every senior condition. Our caregivers offer relief to family caregivers and allow them to grab a coffee, catch a movie, hang out with friends, and even take a much-needed nap. This break from caregiving services can allow your body, mind, and soul to rest even for few hours a week. Respite care can:

Tasks performed during our respite care services can include:

If you’re a family caregiver and are worried about your loved one’s comfort, health and safety. get started with respite care services today! Contact us today to answer all your queries and provide you high-quality caregiving services for your senior loved ones.