13Sep, 2019

Caregivers and Elderly Abuse

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Aging may be a stressful process, when dealing with aches and pains and medications. Families who care for loved ones need help sometimes; and they come to agencies like ours to find reliable, experienced, and kind-hearted individuals to come in and provide services to release some of the load off of themselves. Here at ActiveCare we complete background checks, fingerprinting, CPR certification, all the standard requirements as well as making careful selection of who we hire. So many times we hear stories of Elder abuse happening in there own home […]

24May, 2017

Understanding How to Prevent And Diagnose UTI Infections in Seniors

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As we age, it becomes increasingly important to take care of our bodies. If you are close to an elderly person, you need to understand how to take care of them. With increasing age, our bodies may not be and reliable as they once were, and one example is going to the bathroom. As people grow older, their pelvic muscles can weaken, which causes them to become less able to control their urges to go to the bathroom. This can lead to problems like a UTI or even something more serious. So it’s vital to […]

26Apr, 2017

5 Memory Improving Techniques for Seniors

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  As people age, one common complaint is memory loss. This isn’t only true of seniors who suffer from illnesses such as dementia. Many seniors find that their memories deteriorate over time. There are certain ways to prevent, minimize, or even reverse this problem. Learn about 5 memory improving techniques that can be used for seniors and improve their well-being! 1. Challenge the Brain In some ways, the brain is like a muscle; the more it’s used, the stronger it gets. One problem that many older adults face is that they […]

10Oct, 2015

Caring for an Elderly Parent with Dementia? 7 Steps to Make Their Homes Safer Right Now

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Safety is always a priority when caring for elderly parents or loved ones who have been exhibiting signs of dementia symptoms or given a dementia diagnosis. As stages of dementia progress and dementia symptoms worsen, a caregiver’s tactic of care and supervisory habits will need to be adjusted accordingly. However, while dementia care is an expansive topic, the suggestions presented here are tasks families caring for elderly parents can do within minutes. Each suggestion is designed to develop a simple solution to commonly overlooked problems or to promote a safer environment for loved ones. 1. Make […]