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Affordable 24 Hour Live-In Care

ActiveCare Home Care provides affordable 24 hour live-in caregiver arrangements for your loved ones. The services have become a great alternative to traditional care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The largest single advantage that you will have from a live-in arrangements will be a consistent caregiver looking after your loved ones. Having the same caregiver allows your loved ones to develop close and trusting relationships, which becomes especially vital if they are beginning to suffer from advanced aging diseases such as Alzheimer or Dementia.

The Cost Advantage of Live-In Care

24 hour live-in care

There are some significant cost savings for seniors electing to utilize a personal caregiver as opposed to seeking admission into an assisted living, or long-term care facility. The cost of admission into an assisted living or skilled care facility is tremendous financial strain for family members who elect to go that route. There are some other costs that are often overlooked. One factor is the moving costs, particularly after a loved one has spent many years in a home, the time, and cost to pack and dispose of everything can add up to be a significant amount that is often overlooked. The cost of time, and the potential for lost wages for sons, daughters and other caretakers that still need to play a significant role in dealing with the daily affairs of their loved ones once they enter into a senior living facility. If your parent happens to need a doctors appointment and transportation is not provided by the senior community then you or others will need to take time of work to bring your loved ones to the appointment.


These costs can be significantly reduced by having a live-in caregiver. The caregiver can be used for transportation to and from appointments, your loved ones can depend on them for errand running, getting grocery, and daily outings to keep your loved ones energized and refreshed with changes in environment.

How Soon Can We Get A Live-In Caregiver?

ActiveCare Home Care prides itself in providing fast and quick services for when emergencies happen. Recently we had a client who was in need of short term 24-hour live-in care. How short was the arrangement? It was just for 2 nights. Our client was being discharged from the hospital, and needed a caregiver to come and live in her home for a few days before she transitioned into a hospice living arrangement. ActiveCare realizes that when it comes to situations like these, they can happen at any moment and we make sure to be prepared and to accommodate you and your loved ones needs.