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Toxicology Program

Zayan ActiveCare Toxicology Program

Is Designed to :

Supply the best Toxicology testing for DCFS and other child welfare agencies throughout Cook, Dupage, Kane, Kankakee, McHenry and Will counties. We strive to give the best collection process for donors and the best results processing for all workers. 

Referral-Collection-Results Information.(details)
  • Donors will need to have a valid form of identification for every visit. 
  • Valid Photo identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or state issued ID, FOID card, or picture ID issued by a federal state or local government agency. *If client does not have valid form of identification, the caseworker/supervisor must identify the client in person*
  • All collections through Zayan, ActiveCare are OBSERVED Collections.
  • Collections are received and processed by Abbott Laboratories, INC.
Infomation for entering in referrals

***Please refer clients, 24 hours in advance via SACWIS and pick the service location you would like. ****** NO WALK INS *******

Please note that ALL client referrals must be entered AND approved by the supervisor through SACWIS- 24 hours prior to appointment*including appointment time and all the details needed for that specific client

*For Zayan ActiveCare Mobile Referrals, all referrals are pulled at 5pm for the next day**

*Private agencies can utilize the same schedule/days/ hours and SACWIS referral process*

If you have any other questions or concerns about referrals/SACWIS or client/donor issues  please contact directly: 

EdShondra Coney, ActiveCare Toxicology Program Manager, 847-897-8020 

Rhonda Keller, ActiveCare Toxicology Supervisor, 847-380-9987