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Depression is very common among the elderly. Depression is a very hard thing for people of all ages to deal with. How is it different though with the elderly? Depression usually begins when a medical issue arises and death is the risk. The depression tends to last longer and needs to be treated immediately, even if very mild. Depression affects the ability of rehabilitation.

My uncle was a wealthy man, always out and about to fancy places. One day he was informed he needed to have his toe amputated due to the diabetes. They then concluded it would need to be the whole leg. That’s when the depression hit. Instead of getting out of bed and trying to walk he laid in bed for months, which then led to infections, which then eventually, two years later, led to death.

Have you ever had a parent or grandparent suffer for depression? Having increased stress and no social network can make the depression feel even worse. Sleepless nights come about and they feel more exhausted than usual. Look for signs in your loved ones! Remember to contact your primary as they can provide help as needed!

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