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One of the single most important factors in the quality of life of any human being, is companionship. As the saying goes, no man is an island, or woman for that matter, and for good reason. Being alone just isn’t healthy, it weighs upon the mind and darkens the spirit. Companionship is something that we need on a deep, even primal level at all ages. In childhood we need companionship to grow into strong, level-headed, healthy adults. Later in life we need companionship to feel fulfilled. Finally, in the twilight years of our lives, we need companionship to make the burdens of old age more bearable. Here is a brief yet insightful treatise on the value of companionship.  

How Companions Helps Maintain a Healthy Mind

Companionship is extremely helpful in maintaining a sound mind. Its contributions to mental health cannot be understated. When you are without companionship for long periods of time as in several years, the mind can deteriorate. You’ll find yourself talking to yourself quite often, or in more severe cases, not at all. Although talking to yourself frequently is not considered to be particularly healthy for the psyche, however, not talking at all is cause for much more serious concern.

Companions Brings Fulfillment

One of the most valuable benefits of having a companion is the fulfillment that it brings to one’s life. The value of a companion is not always particularly dramatic in scale, it’s the little moments that matter. The times when you find you and your companion laughing at the same things on TV, walking in the rain together and embracing, cooking together and flinging sauce at each other etc. These humble moments are indeed quite precious, more precious than most people realize until after their companion is gone whether from parting or after one pass away. However, it happens, when you find yourself alone once more the memories that you are left with will be counted among your most valuable possessions.  

How Companionship Affects Us as a Whole

All in all, companionship helps keep us healthy in mind, body, and spirit. It makes us happier, more energized, and more motivated people. Whether it’s at the beginning of the day, the end of the day, or anywhere in between having someone that you always look forward to seeing makes us happier overall.

Even bad days aren’t so bad if you’ve a companion to make the trials of the day more bearable. Companions of the best sort can find ways to make you laugh and smile even when you’re at your worst.

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