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In this day and age, we are always changing and creating new and improved ways of living out our daily lives. Such as tracking your health, keeping you safe at home and being connected to your loved ones every day. With there being so many different resources to feel connected and safe, as we age those resources can become lost in translations to seniors. Maybe not even feeling comfortable with using so many different devices to help you out, can be overwhelming.  Medical alert systems are a valuable investment for any senior. They are safe, simple and offer medical help that is available at the touch of a button, giving seniors and their loved one’s peace of mind that they can be connected 24/7.

Philips Lifeline

The very first Medical alert systems in the United States was Lifeline.  Lifeline offers medical monitoring pendants that detect falls and alert the monitoring center within moments for the fastest possible response. Their technology is extremely advanced as it can tell the difference when you fall and if you dropped your monitoring pendant. So, if you or your loved one fell and was unable to touch the button, you can count on them to respond. Along with a life alert system, Philips Lifeline also provides a medication dispenser. Giving you and your loved one a simple way to manage your medication regimens at the appropriate times. It can accommodate 1-40 days of medications and dispenses up to 60 cups.

Bay Alarm Medical

With Bay Alarm Medical system, you have the option of wearing it around your neck or even wearing around your wrist like a watch. They offer a choice of a traditional medical alert system that works with or without a home telephone line, or a mobile GPS device if you don’t want to be tethered to a mobile base station. It comes with a number of highly reliable emergency response centers, all in the Unites States, making them one of the most reliable and fastest responding alert system.


With the technology installed with Qmedic, it can detect change in motion and sleep and alert you if any care services are needed. QMedic is one of the only pendant alert buttons that also provides information on a client’s sleep patterns and movement patterns throughout the day. This information is very helpful for any medical professionals and family members. QMedic’s fitness technology also will generate an alert if there is an extended period of inactivity other than sleep. This is an important feature, especially if a person is not able to get out of bed during the day. Another plus is that this system that family members are notified through text messages of any changes or alerts throughout the day. Helping you be informed 24/7 wherever you are about your loved one.

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