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The decision to take on a home care service is a big one. While some seniors may be opposed to it, home care is comparatively much more preferable than giving up their home to live in a facility. It offers seniors the freedom of relative independence. The home care industry is one of the most important industries in the nation yet it is often tragically overlooked. Here’s an overview of what this industry can do to help you or your loved ones live out their twilight years in the comfort of their own homes without compromising on safety. 

The Value of Independence and the Importance of Home Care Services

Let’s face it, none of us want to get older and yet, there’s nothing that we can do to stop the unrelenting and merciless march of time. What we can do however, is make life as comfortable as possible while retaining some measure of independence. 

Many of the unhappiest individuals among the elderly are those who languish in facilities that their families put them into against their will. There is a massive difference between living out your twilight years in your own home by virtue of having a little help compared to being confined to some dreary facility surrounded by thieves.

Some agencies like ActiveCare Home Care help the elderly escape the drudgery of living in a facility by helping them live easy in their own homes.

Essential Home Care Services

There is a wide variety of home care services and families can pick and choose different services as needed. Companies like ActiveCare Home Care provide a suite of tailor-made services that help the elderly retain more independence and lead healthier, happier lives. Here’s an overview of some of the most essential services available. By learning more about home care services, you’ll be able to make the best possible decision for yourself or your family.  


Some seniors need companionship more than other more extensive or more technical  care. Humans don’t do well emotionally when living alone, no matter what age they are. For better or worse, we are social animals and we need companionship. 

Every family is different and has its own set of challenges to deal with. Many older folks live alone and trudge on for long, lonely, periods of time without visits from their loved ones because they live so far away or have inflexible work obligations. 

24/7 Live-in Care

For seniors with extensive health problems, limited mobility, or other concerns, the best home care option available is a 24/7 live-in aide. Don’t think of it as living with someone who tells you to take your meds, think of it as living with a friend who genuinely cares about you. 

Families that can’t spare the time to stay around the house to care for their older loved ones can find relief in the confidence of having a competent, caring professional in the home 24/7. 

Meal Prep

Certain seniors only need help with specific tasks like meal preparation. If you’re a senior who needs meal preparation services, don’t think of it as something that limits your independence. By having someone to prepare your meals, you’ll have more time and freedom to do other things that you enjoy. 

Meal preparation services help ensure that the elderly get plenty of vitamins and nutrients to keep them healthy. This doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t have any choice in what you eat. To the contrary, seniors with meal preparation services provided by ActiveCare Home Care have a great deal of freedom in choosing what they would like to eat. It’s healthy to keep seniors involved in helping decide what to get from the grocery store. That’s the beauty of caring your elder at home, you can still be independent while receiving all of the help you need. 

Personal Care

Personal care is one of the single most important caring services for the elderly. It’s imperative that seniors feel good about the way they look. If they look like a mess they’ll feel like a mess and it can be unhealthy. 

Bathing, haircare, skin care, and oral hygiene are all integral to keeping a senior in good health and in good spirits. Personal care services can provide all of the help that is necessary to ensure that these needs are addressed. 

At ActiveCare Home Care, we work with the elderly and pair them with a qualified professional that will bond with them and make them feel comfortable when administering personal care.  

When you need help brushing your teeth, going to the bathroom, bathing yourself, or taking good care of yourself, it’s essential to have a caring aide that you can trust. Without trust, it just won’t work and the quality of care will be inferior. ActiveCare Home Care understands this which is why we make such a profound commitment to the people we care for. 

Why Active Care Home Care?

At this point you might be wondering why you should choose ActiveCare Home Care to provide home care services to you or your family. What’s the x factor of ActiveCare Home Care? Our professionals are highly trained and exceptional at what they do, however, that’s not what makes us the best choice. Our prices are refreshingly competitive compared to other home care businesses, but that’s not what makes us the best choice either. What makes us the best possible choice you could ever make is because everyone in our team truly and genuinely cares about the elderly. 

We give the kind of care that we all hope to receive someday ourselves when the time comes. Our team isn’t satisfied with just meeting the industry standard in terms of quality of service, we go above and beyond to serve the elderly and help them stay happy, healthy, and free. 

ActiveCare Home Care serves the communities of Cook County. Lake County, and Dupage. 

If you want the best in the Chicagoland area, you want ActiveCare Home Care, call today!  

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